David Da Costa and Paul Gentleman, the co-founders of the Better Rail Advisory Group, the largest passenger representative group in the country, are to meet with Mr Byers on Wednesday 16th January 5pm at Central Lobby, Westminster.

BRAG will be presenting a set of proposals to the Secretary of State, representing the views of 30,000 associated members/passengers, in which they will ask for immediate clarification of the Governments intentions for the long-term future of the Rail Network.

“Enough is enough”

The passengers are not prepared to endure the delays, cancellations, overcrowding and general poor standards of service, despite the highest fare structure in Europe!!!!

The proposed “Peoples Boycott” of rail services by rail users on March 1st has received public support averaging 85% in recently published National Polls. Should Mr Byers and the government not partake in serious discussions and consider our proposals, and agree to our very basic demands, March 1st will be the first of a series of actions that will take place over the coming months.

In representing the rail users, BRAG will be seeking to work closely with all train operating companies, to advise them on the concerns of their customer base, and to create a more positive and proactive communication environment with their passengers. Meetings with Connex and First Group are scheduled for this week, in addition to BRAG having met with the Secretary General of ATOC, Mr George Muir yesterday, Tuesday January 15th at 5pm, in which they briefed him on the meeting to take place with Mr Byers.

A press briefing is being arranged following the meeting with the Secretary of State, at St Stevens Gate, House of Commons at approximately 6.30pm, when full-published details of the public’s proposals will be handed out. BRAG will also be commenting on the discussions with Mr Byers.

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