Our Mission

Mission Statement

To create a national forum for passenger’s to be able to communicate and share
their experiences, concerns and opinions and for those views to be presented
to the train operating companies, the Strategic Rail Authority and the

To campaign for continued improvement in safety standards across the rail
network and to lobby the Government, the Strategic Rail Authority and the
train operating companies in the future development and investment in the
rail industry.

To provide a regularly updated travel information service that can advise on
timetables, route planning, fares and possible disruption.

To change the rail industry into a more customer focused service provider.

To liaise with and work alongside existing regional rail passenger user

To design and develop new products, as well as enhancing existing ones
offered by train operating companies, including fare structures.

To assist in the settlement of disputes and resolution of complaints between
passengers and their respective train operating company.

To seek the introduction of a ‘Customer Comfort Policy’ which will ask for;
a limit on the amount of passengers allowed to stand, buffet facilities to
be opened for increased periods on inter city services and for toilets to be
checked and cleaned before and during journeys.

To promote rail travel as a safe, fast, reliable mode of transport for the
21st century.

To publish monthly newsletters via email with contributions from passengers,
commuter groups and other parties involved within the rail industry.

To design and create a national rail membership card, which will offer
various benefits to its members.